Community Film Network

Why Join Us?

1) Encourage Filmmaking throughout the University

2) Extend your Film knowledge

3) Stimulating your own creativity alongside others

What do we do?

Welcome to the Community Film Network!

Our network is all about you! It's all about hosting monthly screenings, where any student, experienced or beginner, can showcase a film they have made. Come to showcase your own film, or simply come to watch. We want to encourage filmmaking when it may seem intimidating, and allow people to show and get feedback on what they have made. It brings the community closer together, encouraging networking and cooperation. Films can be any duration, any genre, in any stage of completion, and a diverse monthly programme will be selected.

Key Events

Please check our facebook page for more details

When and Where?

Please check our facebook page for more details, Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

Presidents:  Will Priddis and Chloe Daily

Get involved!

Submit a film.

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