Community Film Network

Why Join Us?

1) Encourage Filmmaking throughout the University

2) Extend your Film knowledge

3) Stimulating your own creativity alongside others


What do we do?


The Community Film Network is all about you! It's all about hosting screenings, where any student, experienced or beginner, can showcase a film they have made. Come to showcase your own film, or simply come to watch. We want to encourage filmmaking when it may seem intimidating, and allow people to show and get feedback on what they have made. It brings the community closer together, encouraging networking and cooperation. Films can be any duration, any genre, in any stage of completion, and a diverse monthly programme will be selected.


Key Events

Christmas 2019 Screening!

7pm on Wednesday 4th of December.

A night of student short films made by the community! Submit one of your films or simply come for a great night's entertainment.

This is our first screening as a network. Anyone from any course at either university can submit a film they've made, and first-time filmmakers are very much encouraged! We'll spend an evening watching as many films as we can, with a short break in the middle and an opportunity to talk with the filmmakers. If you're making a work-in-progress, feel free to submit anyway and gather feedback from the audience. Your film doesn't have to have been made for your course, you can submit extra-curricular films as well! Submission and tickets are free, and we hope to see you there!

Please note the screening is strictly non-alcoholic. 

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Get involved!

How do I submit a film?

You can either submit through FilmFreeway or email us the file at

Don't worry if you haven't used FilmFreeway before. All you have to do is register for an account and type in your film's details and upload it. At the top of our submission page there is a 'Submit A Film' button, where you can select your film to submit to us. It's completely free to do so! However, please read the Rules below before you submit.

You don't have to have sent us the file when you submit if your film is work in progress, but we ask that you register it to be shown by the 29th of November, and send us the file by the 3rd of December.

Terms and Deadlines for submission

1. Films must have been made wholly or in part by students of either Bournemouth University or Arts University Bournemouth.

2. Films can be up to 30 minutes in length. We aim to show films of all lengths, but we will have to show fewer long films if there are time constraints.

3. There is no restriction on what state of completion your film is in. If you wish, we can also hold a discussion with your audience for feedback to your film.

4. You must have registered your film to be shown by Friday the 29th of November (5 days before the screening). 

It doesn't matter if we can't see the whole film just yet, as we know works in progress will be shown, but please try and give us as much as you have so we know what we'll be showing. We'll let you know if we want to show it as quickly as possible, and you'll need to submit your work by Tuesday the 3rd of December.


Meet the Committee

Presidents:  Will Priddis and Chloe Daily