Design Society

Why Join Us?

1) Project Clinics and Challenges

2) 3D Printing Service

3) Socials and Discounts

What do we do?

Design society stands to help members of the design community to connect and help one another. Over the coming year, we are planning on hosting a variety of events that will be useful for those on creative courses, as well as anyone who has an interest in design.

We plan to run a number of creative challenge and skill sessions for Solidworks, Keyshot, InDesign and Photoshop. As well as this, we will be running a VR design workshop as well as tutorials for beginners using 3D printers for the first time.

We own two 3D printers and will be launching an on-demand printing service for members over the coming weeks.

Key Events

Socials, 3D printing, Skillshare sessions, Project Clinic, Creative Challange sessions.

When and Where?

P102 - Every other Monday - 19:00 (Unless otherwise stated on our Facebook page)

Meet the Committee

President:   Steven Thomas

Communications:   James Wren

Treasurer:   Henry Wade

Health & Safety:   Connor Mills

Equipment & Events:   William Aizlewood