Design Society

Why Join Us?

1) Skills Development and Portfolio work

2) Design Challenges

3) Socials 

What do we do?

BU Design Society is here to help members of the design community to connect and collaborate with one another. Over the coming year, we are planning on hosting a variety of events that will be useful for those on creative courses as well as anyone who has an interest in design.

We plan to run a number of creative challenges and skill sessions for programmes such as Solidworks, Keyshot, and Photoshop. We will also provide tutorials on how to use 3D printers.

We plan on doing a number of socials this year in order to make your stay at Bournemouth worthwhile.

Key Events

Socials, 3D printing, Skillshare sessions, Portfolio workkshops, Project help, Creative Challenges and competitions

When and Where are the meetings?

P102 - Dates and timings confirmed through our Facebook and Instagram pages 

Post Covid meeting will be held online for the first semester

Meet the Committee

President:   Max Bateson

Communications:   Patrick Garcia

Treasurer:   Kirsty Depledge

Health & Safety:   Gemma Hadleigh

Equipment & Events:   Angela Piazza