Why Join Us?

1) Compete in Esport Tournaments such as NUEL & NSE

2) Meet other gamers with similar interests of your own

3) Take part in social and gaming events 

What do we do?

The main focus of this society is dedicated to creating teams to compete in University Esports Tournaments such as NUEL & NSE. The main games featured are Overwatch, Rocket League, CS GO, Valorant, League Of Legends & Many other games. The society will open up opportunities for people to find others with similar interests in competitive and non-competitive games. We organise events such as in-house tournaments, social gatherings & LAN events providing many opportunities for you to forge new friendships

The Society Discord: https://discord.gg/b95tkQNeWt

Join to discover more information & contact a committee member if you have any questions. 

Society Apparel Store: https://raven.gg/stores/bu-esports/

Key Events

Freshers Fair, Team Trials, Socials, In-House Tournaments, Charity Livestream

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Mel O'Brien

Communications:  Sam Hemmings

Treasurer:  MyNameIsNotJams

Social Media: Mackenzie Wilde

Equipment & Events:  Tyler

Health & Safety:  Tyler - Corey and Binnie