Why Join Us?

1) Meet other Filipinos and people interested in the Filipino culture in an inclusive and safe space

2) The society is a great way to learn about the Filipino culture and language

3) Making it more fun for everyone in BU!


What do we do?


The Filipino Society wants to bring together Filipinos and students from other nationalities together to celebrate and partake in Filipino culuture.

The club aims to teach and promote the Filipino culture through various events where people are able to expereince traditional foods, music and arts as well as learning the language in fun and festive ways.


Key Events

  • Filipino Movie Nights
  • Dinner Events with traditional foods
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Volleyball Events (non-competative)


When and Where?

Dinner and Games Night -

Lollipop Night - 29/04/2022


Meet the Committee

President:   Francesca Bernardez

Vice-President:   Hacket Araja

Communications:   Chloe Casayuran

Treasurer: John Fronda