First Aid Society

Why Join Us?

1) We advise members on different first aid procedures and situations. 

2) We offer the opportunity to take a First Aid at Work course for a significantly reduced prices

3) We also hold frequent socials to help loosen up with university life and get to know your fellow first aiders!

What do we do?

We are a 5* Society and hold weekly sessions in room P221 (Poole House 2nd Floor, Talbot Campus) teaching various First Aid topics every Wednesday 7pm - 8pm!

Throughout the year we are part of events such as the Road Safety Event hosted by the Pre-hospital & Emergency Care society and hold fundraisers for our society and for external charities such as the bake sale held for St John Ambulance on 5th March 2018.

Funds raised for the society goes towards funding the opportunity for our members to complete the official First Aid at Work qualification, provided by FirstClassFirstAid at the end of the year.

Our approach to First Aid is both friendly and professional, with frequent practice opportunities and organized socials at various hotspots in Bournemouth.

Don't be afraid to join us late into the year as we are seeing new people join us each week and we are always recapping on content!

Key Events

Refresher's Fair - 10 to 4pm - 5th February 2019 - SUBU

Walk-by Taster Session - 1 to 2pm - 7th February - Ground Floor SUBU

In Depth Taster Session - 7pm to 8pm - 7th February - P411

British Sign Langauge Collaboration Social - 6pm to 8pm - 18th February - TBC

Big Student Meeting - 6pm to 8pm - 26th Feb - Share LT

More Events Coming soon! 

We will be hosting a First Aid at Work course at the end of the academic year on where you can be officially certified!

When and Where?

Wednesday 7pm to 8pm in P221 (Poole House 2nd Floor, Talbot Campus)