Welcome to the BU First Aid Society! We are a friendly and passionate group who are committed to helping students build skills in First Aid! This is because First Aid has always been an extremely important and useful skill to know at any time, any place. If you've ever been interested in learning then this society is perfect for you!


Why Join Us?

1) We teach all members different First Aid procedures and situations to gain skills and confidence. 

2) We offer the chance for members to gain a qualification in First Aid, which is fantastic for your CV!

3) We also provide a safe space to settle into uni, meet friends, and help fill out your university life and achievements!

4) We are constantly coming up with new ideas for fun events and socials for you to have some fun along the way!

5) We are also a 5-star society! 


What do we do?

Throughout the year we will be doing practical lessons on a variety of First Aid skills in order for students to gain a basic understanding of the subject.

These will be on Thursday every fortnight. The schedule is on our Instagram and Facebook page.

We hold regular many socials for you to meet other members and potentially even other societies! These socials are once a month.

Funds raised for the society goes towards funding the opportunity for our members to complete an official First Aid qualification at the end of the academic year, as well as socials for members to attend.

Our approach to First Aid is both friendly and professional, with regular practice and real-life scenarios as well as organised socials at various hotspots in Bournemouth and virtually!

We are open to welcome members at any time of the year so don't be afraid to get in contact with us whenever!

Please ensure you join our Facebook group and follow our Instagram page once you have purchased your membership! Here you can follow our updates and see what socials/activities we'll do! For members who paid membership, please click on this link to be aded to the members group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2921483324780003/?ref=share

We are also open to students from BU, AUB, AECC as well as members of the public! Please ensure you purchase the correct membership so that you can enjoy all the great benefits of the First Aid Society! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at subufirstaidsoc@bournemouth.ac.uk

Thank you and have a great day! :)


BU First Aid Society