Here's Why You Should Join Us! 

1) Frequent Jams:

  • Regular Game Jams
  • 3D Modelling
  • Level Design
  • Programming
  • + Others!

Head over to our Discord to find out more regarding When & Where!

2) Collabs with other Societies

3) Casual Meetups / Events

  • First Society Social | Dylan's Bar, Friday 1st December @5pm!
  • Re-Freshers Game Jam! (Date TBA)

4) Opportunity To Expand your Skillset / Network

5) More Industry Guests!

  • Doug Cockle, (Voice Actor for Geralt of Rivia) Witcher 3: Wild Hunt >> Date TBD <<
  • Larian Studios, Leah Caldwell (Cinematic Animation Producer) & Jack Surman (Cinematics Production Intern) >> Date TBD <<

Meet your Committee!

President:  Nick Speedie

Communications:  Brandon Harvey

Treasurer:  Josh Markey

Equipment & Events:  Alex Emeny

Health & Safety Officer: Tomasz Klebek