Games Development Society

Why Join Us?

1) Create and play innovative games!

2) Meet people with different skills, collaborate and help each other!

3) Learn to use new tools and tech in the games, get feedback/help on projects and network with your fellow game developers.

What do we do?

Are you looking to get involved in the development of video games, regardless of previous experience or area of expertise? We are here to help! Why not learn to create the game you've always wanted or take current games to new heights. Whatever your skill level, the Games Development Society can help you!  


Youtube: 'Game Dev Society BU'

Key Events

Fortnightly demo sessions, Monthly socials, Termly Game Jams, Game conference talk screenings (E3, Nintendo Direct etc)

When and Where?

Poole Gateway Third Floor Labs, Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Loui Eriksson

Communications:  Pete Allen

Treasurer:  Younes Dwyer

Health & Safety:  Farbod Shakouri

Equipment & Events:  Dean Ford