Why Join Us?

We are not exlusively for history students, we welcome all! As joining our society is a unique opportunity for learning & growth and a way to enhance your knowledge and skills. This is also a great way to expand your networking as you can connect with like-minded individuals through fun social activities organised by the committee and members suggestions.

What do we do?

  • Organise fun social events, like going clubbing with a great (occasionally themed) pres to start the evening, but also sober socials are an alternative we offer.
  • Have historical anniversary film nights, with tuck shop and student friendly prices with proceeds going towards a charity
  • Study sessions - to help you with your assignments (snacks provided)
  • Guest lecture 
  • Possible Field trips to archives, museums and historical sites

Key Events?

We have a very exciting Halloween themed social night planned! You can come dressed to our pres as your favourite historical period. For example, you can be dressed as a flapper from the 1920s or your favourite musician from the 00's, anything you want just as long as it's not offensive. Then we'll hit the clubs after and have  a blast! Halloween themed Social night = dress as a favourite historical period, for example a Flapper from the 1920s or favourite 2000s/ earlier musician. Then go to the club hosting Halloween for 2024.

When and Where?

Provided on social media's a week in advance.

Meet the Committee

President:  Rosie Thompson

Email: s5545246@bournemouth.ac.uk

Vice President: Harvey Bone

Email: s5615355@bournemouth.ac.uk

Communications: Charlie Birt

Email: s5606820@bournemouth.ac.uk

Treasurer:  Ally Breen

Email: s5616930@bournemouth.ac.uk

Social Secretary: Kashifa Ali

Email: s5610527@bournemouth.ac.uk

Health and Safety Officer: Anna Widdowson 

Email: s5606933@bournemouth.ac.uk