Improvisation Society

Why Join Us?

1) We're actually pretty nice

2) We're (for the most part) fun

3) We'll make you more confident in the long run

What do we do?

University is the perfect place to try new and scary things.

What could be scarier than standing in front of a bunch of strangers and trying to make them laugh with no script or plan? This is the society where we teach you how to do it.

We're a warm bunch, I swear!.

When and Where?

Talbot Campus - KG02 (The Marconi Lecture Theatre)

Wednesday 6PM-8PM (You can come late, and you can leave early if you like)

Meet the Committee

President:  Jack Greenwood

Communications:  Joe Lomax

Treasurer:  Owen Trett

Health & Safety:  Daniel Harden

Equipment & Events:  Jack B Coll

Creative Consultant: Joe Downey

Creative Consultant: Matthew Parkinson