Why Join Us?

1) We encourage a supportive, kind and inclusive community of improvisors. 

2) We welcome everyone, regardless of experience and background! 

3) We teach improv comedy, which will help build your confidence. 

What do we do?

University is the perfect place to try new and scary things. What could be scarier than standing in front of a bunch of strangers and trying to make them laugh with no script or plan? This is the society where we teach you how to do it.

We will teach you the fundamental skills necessary for improv, and provide an encouraging environment for you to hone your collaborative skills and find your comedic voice. Here are some of the things we have done in ImprovSoc: 

  • Drop-in sessions twice a week
  • Workshops with experienced improv coaches
  • Live performances in Bournemouth and livestreamed performances online
  • WE WENT TO EDINBURGH FRINGE - a week long run at the Free Fringe in Edinburgh.
  • Collaborated with the BBC Centre on a live improv show.

As fun and crazy as these events are, every single thing we do here is 100% voluntary across the board - if you just want to stop by to chat and play, then you are absolutely welcome! The more the merrier :)

What is long form/short form?

Short-form improvisation is improvised games with certain rules. For example: trying to do a scene without asking questions, or using only one word at a time, or re-enacting Little Red Riding Hood as a sci-fi. Two jam-packed hours filled with high-concept games.

Long-form improvisation is scenes - two or more scenes connected by a theme. There are no predetermined rules - you will be improvising the rules over the course of the scene. 

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Fresher's 2021 Taster Events

Longform Taster Session - 27th September, 7pm-10pm in Allsebrook Lecture Theatre. 

Shortform Taster Session - 29th September, 7pm - 9pm in K101 Kimmeridge House. 

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When and Where?

Longform | Mondays 7-10pm, Allsebrook Lecture Theatre.


Shortform | Wednesdays 7-9pm, K101 Kimmeridge House.


Zoom Improv Jams  | Monthly online casual 'Zoomprov' (both shortform games and longform scenes).

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  • Improv Workshop Sat 3 Apr 2021 - Students£15.00
  • Edinburgh Fringe Trip Tickets (BU Members) Sun 14 Aug 2022 - Members£125.00