Indian Society

Why Join Us?

1) Food

2) Music

3) Dance

What do we do?

Khao, Piyo, Mauj Karo!

Do you like the idea of eating a plate of samosa while listening to bollywood music? or maybe having hot jalebis while watching others do bhangra?

IF YES, come and join us to be a part of our colourful events with a blend of tradition and ofcourse "THE HINDI MUSIC".


Key Events

Freshers Fair (September 22nd 2018), Activities Awards (April 2nd 2019)

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Archa Kaushik

Communications:  Jiya Madan

Treasurer:  Divisha Jain

Health & Safety:  Mahima D'Cunha

Equipment & Events:  Sujata Singh