Why Join Us?

1) You want an LGBT+ friendly safe space to hang out and chill.

2) You like games and/or tabletop.

3) You're looking to meet other LGBT+ students at BU and AUB.

What do we do?

We are a social group for LGBT+ students at BU and AUB, with a focus on creating a chilled and friendly safe space, while using tools like boardgames and videogames to facillitate meeting new people without any pressure.

We also hope to this year, covid permitting, provide more special events (including a return of the popular pumpkin carving event last year).

Membership for Iris LGBTQ+ is £2.50 for the whole year and allows you to come to all our weekly events.
Though some special events may be paid, we make an effort to keep things cheap and affordable whenever possible, and may subsidise prices when neccesary.

Key Events

Weekly Social - more info below
(tl;dr, Hangouts and boardgames wednesdays in F202)

When and Where?

Weekly Social:
Every week in term time, we hold a weekly social on campus. Usually for these people bring boardgames, videogames and snacks, as we meet to hang out through the evening. If boardgames aren't your thing, don't worry! We bring these largely to help icebreak, and help keep a low pressure environment.
For those who prefer drinking often members head to Dylans, the on campus bar when we pack up for the night around 9pm.

These take place Wednesdays from 17:00 onwards, in F202.

Online hub:
We also host a hub online for LGBTQ+ students to hang out here - https://discord.com/invite/aU9FKDd

Monthly Special Events:
Our comittee aims to have special events as well where possible on a monthly(ish) basis, to get an idea of what sort of thing to expect, we have in the past held pumpkin carving, film, tournaments, murder mysteries and improv nights (in collaboration with the Improvisation society). 

Coming up, we are participating student pride, beach BBQs and making an effort to end the year with a bang with our London pride trip.

Our Committee

President:   Leon Cambray (they/them)

Communications:   Ellie Baldry (she/her)

Treasurer:  Alexander Fox (he/him)