ISOC aim

The society aims to create a unified community which caters to all the needs of Muslim students. 


Society's objectives 

1. Providing a supportive community for muslim students at university.

2. Providing lessons in improving Qur'an recitations.

3. Organising and facilitating services for Muslim students.

4. Arranging sports activities.

5. Arranging social events.


Key Events

Welcome event, Games night, Quiz night, Ramadan & Eid events, Sister circle & Brother circle. 

Main Location:

Faith & Reflection room 

(For events, we will announce the location)


Meet the Committee


Vice President: Mahi Ali 

Treasurer: Mohammed Zeeshan 

Communications: Julnar Alabry & Naseem Mustafa 

Equipment & Events: Bader Boqamber

Social activites: Yasmin Oladapo

Sports activites: Yousef Shatoury 

Patron: Mohammed Abdulgafar & Dr Hammadi Nait-Charif & Fatima Farha