Kharis on Campus

In this society, we will be having praise and worship which simply entails singing and dancing in God's presence. If an individual is interested in performing a song ministration, spoken word, dance, or even drama performance they will be led to the appropriate department in the society to do so. However, every member of society will be encouraged to participate in some ice breakers and quizzes. lastly, the word of God (the preaching) will be shared.

The aim of this society is to have a community of believers that encourages each individual to walk with Christ. Every believer walk with Christ is unique. Intimacy with God is important! it is vital to have a healthy and striving relationship with God as he is the way the truth and the life. Also, seeking to come in fellowshipping with other believers as God's presence is manifested mightly, when we assemble.

Making Christ more of a priority in our lives by, encouraging healthy habits such as, praying and studying the bible. These things can aid in the growth of an individual's spiritual life. The quality of our prayers has to do with the word that we are reading, which is the bible. In life, many things can get in the way of us from having our own personal time with God. This society will help believers in staying consistent and priorities their relationship with God.

Making disciples of the faith and raising up fearless Christians to spread the gospel and not being ashamed by it. Living the gospel as well as preaching it is the commission that God gave us to do. We strive to aim for every believer to fulfill their unique calling in Christ and to run their race.

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President- Amaka

Secretary- Mena

Treasurer- Jamie

Health & Safety- Eunice

Equipment- Mezu