Kharis On Campus

Kharis on Campus translate ‘Grace on campus’ and it is a zealous and passionate Historical Christian Society which is opened to all faiths and background.

We aim to teach about the gospel in an unconventional way, we aim to embed the Word of God into key people (revivalists) like William Tyndale an English scholar who risked his life to translate the bible from English to Latin. We will be like a Christian history seminary centre we will be discussing the works of revivalists and saints of old revisiting their works and how some were successful in spreading the gospel and how some failed.

We have a passion for young people, and we emphasise on teaching young people how to use their time and energy to benefit others.

We study and take examples from revivalists that were in university.

We meet once a week to discuss the works of a chosen revivalist and relating it to the bible and how it can be applied in this day and age.

Our meetings will have free refreshments and one-to-one support called ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ which encourages members to fellowship with others, to check up on each other and pray & support on another.

KOC will be a place Christians and non-Christians can fellowship and learn about Christianity in a different way by learning about the great works of other revivalist/saints and what they were able to accomplish, we believe it will be encouraging and empowering to study the great works that these revival have accomplished it will be truly motivating for their Christian walk.

Main Aims and Objectives:

1) To gain historic background knowledge on Christians revivalist and revivals that has occurred, why some were successful and why some failed.

2) To study and take example on the revivalist that were in universities like George Whitfield, The Wesley brothers who were academic success but also great Christian revivalist and how we can incorporate their success and work ethics into our student lifestyle today.

3) To be a place of fellowship/ Socialising and a place of spiritual and intellectual growth for all students of every background and cultures.

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President- Amaka

Secretary- Mezu

Treasurer- Collins