KPOP Society

Why Join Us?

1) An amazing way to meet like minded people and make new friends.

2) Whether you are a newbie or a die hard stan, everyone is welcome!

3) A great way to learn about KPop, performance, and youth culture.

What do we do?

Bournemouth University Kpop Society is an inclusive community for people who share an interest in Korean Pop Music (Kpop), performance, and youth culture. We are a student run and still a relatively new society, founded in 2017 with initially only 15 members, to 2018/19 with a large growth to 142 members, due to the increasing popularity and success of Kpop, we are hoping to continue this growth in 2019/20.

We meet weekly, partaking in a variety of activities, such as; games with the chances to win prizes, fun quizzes, random dance plays, debates, and lots of opportunities to try Korean food. 

If dance is something you are interested in,  during our weekly dance lessons, we cover a range of different dance styles from a wide variety of of KPOP artists either boy group, or girl group. Such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Twice, NCT, Jay Park, Hyolyn, etc. We as a group teach dances for everyone ranging from beginners to experienced dancers. With the ability to compete in Kpop University Nationals, and friendly Showcases. 

If you are interested in learning the Korean language, one night a week we offer a one hour lessons, taught by some of our Korean members of the society. 

Last year, we ran some social events like laser tag, food socials at a range of restaurants, and karaoke. We are hoping we can do some of these activities and more regularly to allow members to socialise and share their love for KPOP. BUKpop society, and with the help from SUBU, have organised and hosted in collaboration with other societies exclusive club nights, featuring kpop music. Within this coming year we have even more amazing opportunities planned, these include; society events, nights out, field trips, and an end of year BBQ on Bournemouth beach.

BUKpop society welcomes anyone regardless of their nationality, interest, age, and whether you are new to kpop, or have been a stan since day one we welcome everyone to our society, judgement free! We had such a great time last year as a society and we are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces joining us this year, let's make this the best year yet!! 

The membership fee is only £12 year round, additional costs may be applied depending on future society events/field trips. If you have paid the membership fee, please come find us on Facebook @ BU KPop Society 19/20!

Key Events

  • Laser tag
  • Food socials at a range of restaurants
  • Karaoke
  • BBQ on the beach
  • Society night out
  • Showcase

When and Where?

Society is every other Tuesday from 6-8pm on Zoom or Discord

Meet the Committee

President: Rosie Wright

Vice President: Lizzy Cousins

Communications: Corine Macdonald 

Treasurer: Manshi Gurung

Health & Safety: Oliver Bennett

Equipment & Events: Maria Sheppard