KPOP Society

Why Join Us?

1) We have a close nit yet open group of members

2) Do covers (Dancing + Singing)

3) Learn Korean

What do we do?

We are a society to appreciate Korean culture, run by BU with members from both BU and AUB <3

We currently do song covers, dance covers, Korean classes and general hang outs. In our song covers, we learn and cover a kpop song in the space of a month. That includes pronunciation, remembering the words, pitching, recording and uploading to our YouTube channel (S1XTEEN COVERS).

Our most popular cover at the moment is our cover of 2NE1’S Lonely. Our covers have even lead us to performing at different events across the UK. For example, The BME awards, Students of Colour and we have an upcoming event at Reading University (Inter-universities Kpop Competition ).

As for dance covers, we have yet to upload them to YouTube but we have learnt several songs. Some of these songs we know include: 

- As if it’s your Last (Black Pink)

- So hot (Black Pink)

- Superfly (24K)

- Shine (Pentagon)

We have many more to learn and would love to have more people in dance, so we can do bigger group dances or have several more dance groups inside our society.

We also have performed at events, including BU Come Dancing!

In addition, we also have Korean classes. These classes are quite casual yet we learn so much from them. We have a Korean member with us to teach us every week.

The things we have learnt so far include how to write in Korean and very useful phrases that we could use with each other. We also have several days out and hang outs with our society members.

We have our normal meetup on a Wednesday and also different events. For example, KBBQ, Running Man, Beach KBBQ and normal nights out with the fam. We are looking for more events to do!

So if you join, feel free to ask us anything you would like to do, and check out our youtube channel ??


Key Events

Competitions, nights out, Running Man events and KBBQ's.

When and Where?

Input regular events here

Meet the Committee


Vice President : Lasanda Salamon

Communications:   Ratchinda

Treasurer:   Kenneth Gangoso

Health & Safety:   Sebastiana

Equipment & Events:   Yash Vishwanath

Instagram and Camera : Charlotte