Why Join Us?

1) It’s a great way to connect and make friends with others who enjoy table-top roleplay games (TTRPGs) and live action roleplay! (LARP)

2) The society aims to create a welcoming and fun space for everyone, beginners and professionals alike.

3) We will help to provide whatever resources and assistance we can for running games or attending live action roleplay games.

What do we do?

Welcome to the Bournemouth University Roleplay Society!

We aim to cover as many aspects of the roleplay world as possible, from table-top roleplay games (TTRPGs) like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ to board games and even Live Action Roleplay! (LARP)Image preview

We are aiming to meet for nerdy shenanigans: 

Thursday evenings focus on; socials, TTRPG one-shots, tips for running / playing TTRPGs, LARP prep including character creation, costume & kit design, prop making.

To find out what we're doing each week, come join our discord below or pop us an email at subularpsoc@bournemouth.ac.uk and we'll get back with all the details.

No experience necessary - Novice or newbie, our members are happy to help you! It's never too late to join, so why not give it a go? Leave the real world behind for an adventure within university! See you soon. :)

When and Where?

We are currently active on our Discord server where you can find details of our weekly schedule and interact with the fellow members of the society.
Come join and have a look around if you are interested, or feel free to contact us there with any questions about the upcoming year!



Meet the Committee!

President: Oliver Miller

Communications: Molly Taylor

Treasurer: Lisa Mann 

Health & Safety: Dawn Wisdom

Events & Equipment: Jay Cook