Role-Play Society

Why Join Us?

1) We are a friendly group of people who all partake in this unusual hobby.

2) Our society serves as a great introduction to new players who wish to get into Roleplay.

3) We have access to resources that both newcomers and professionals will find extremely helpful for both tabletop and live action Roleplay.

What do we do?

Welcome to the Bournemouth University Roleplay Society!

We aim to cover as many aspects of the roleplay world as possible, from tabletops like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ to Board games and even Live Action Roleplay! (LARP)

We meet four times a week for nerdy shenanigans, Tuesday evenings focus on LARP prep including character creation, kit design, costume and prop making to become a real life hero (or villain, we won't judge).

Thursday and Friday evenings give you the chance to either run your own or join tabletop roleplay games in smaller groups. From D&D to Age of Empire, one shots and long term campaigns, or even just classic tabletop board games, there’s always something that will peak your interest.

To find out what we're doing each week, head over to our facebook group or pop us an email at and we'll get back with all the details.

No experience necessary - our members are happy to help you, no matter how new! It's never too late to join, so why not give it a go? Leave the real world behind for an adventure within university! See you soon. :)

When and Where?

We meet on our DISCORD server at the following times
Tuesdays - 6-9pm
Thursdays - 6-9pm
If you want to join, please send the society/one of our committee members an email.

Meet the Committee

President: Otis Kingsman

Communications: Jasmine Bacon

Treasurer: George Marden

Health & Safety: William Halliday

Events: Benjamin Everett