Law Society

Why Join Us?

1) Great Career & Academic Opportunities.

2) Amazing Socials & Unique Networking Events.

3) Participate in Fundraising for Local and National Charities.


What do we do?                                           

The Bournemouth University Law Society is here to provide a variety of events throughout the year for our members to help you make the most of your experience at BU.

We run the Christmas Law Ball as well as networking events to encourage and practice valuable skills needed for legal careers and ask questions to professionals already working in the legal sector. 

The mooting program developed this year means all of our members can get involved in mooting, practising public speaking, research and presentation skills, all necessary for a legal career.

We aim to allow our members to develop whilst at BU as well as encourage the blending of year groups.


Key Events


- First social (Wed 9th Oct)

- Law Ball (Wed 11th December)

- Lincoln's Inn & Inner Temple Dinners

- Guest Speakers

- Charity fundraising

- Other socials such as; nights out, day trips, pub quizzes and many more.


- Internal Competition includes moots and show trials.

- National Mooting Competitions

- National Negotiations Competitions


Contact us

You can always contact us through our email account or facebook & Instagram. All of our details are listed above so if you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Meet the Committee

President:  Aleksandar Dimitrov

Vice-President: Harry Bennetts

Secretary & Communications Officer: Lauryn Anderson

Treasurer:  Ramsha Javid

Health & Safety Officer: Hannah O'Sullivan

Mooting Manager: Georgia Clulee

Mooting Officers: Chillee Noir & Liam Finnigan

Events Manager:  Kez Dare

Events Officers: Claire Rhodes & Olivia Uliasz








  • 'Invitation to Trick or Treat' Halloween Social Tue 29 Oct 2019 - General£3.00
  • Masquerade Law Ball 2019 Wed 11 Dec 2019 - General£35.00
  • White T-Shirt Party Wed 25 Mar 2020 - General£2.00