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About Us

We are a society that is revolved about playing Minecraft. It is a place for all members to socialise and have fun. We listen to our community and will do our best to implement anything that they have suggested into what we do. We are here for you to have fun and allow our members to be social and showing off their creativity to the community on the server.

We currently will be focusing on Java Edition but if we have enough interest from our members into Bedrock Edition we might also look into that.

What We Do

We play minecraft.

This will be a safe place for all our members to play together and bring our members closer together. Everyone has a voice and our members are always able to give suggestions to us on how we can do better or anything they would like to be added. Every suggestion will be looked at and discussed with the committe and will be implemented if ablle to.

When And Where

Our meetings will occur on the last Friday every month from 6-8. This time can vary on some days depending on room availability, but we will do our best to stick to this time. You dont need to attend these meetings as they are just there for us to talk about any suggestions our members have said for our society; this could be ideas for the minecraft server, adding new things to the discord server, or just the society in general. The Minecraft server will be online 24/7 so even if you dont want to attend these meetings, you will be able to access the server whenever to play.


We plan to run tournaments and events termly. Any dates for these events are yet to be confirmed as we will choose the best days for our members. One event we plan to do is a hunger games tournament where our members go against each other for a chance to win; the winner of the tournament will get a prize.

We also plan to do socials with our members, which will also occur termly and what we do will be decided by our members as well as the sate and time to best suit our members.

Meet The Committee


Communications: Luke G

Treasurer: Leo H-M