Why Join Us?

1) We provide a safe and friendly environment for inviduals to partcipate in cultural tradtions 

2)  Making long lasting memories throughout your uni years as a community

3)  Establish connections with your fellow peers 

What do we do?

We will be hosting number of events one of which is Dashain which is a major festival celebrated in Nepal. Alongside this we will be hosting events and other extra cirricular events to enhance interpersonal relationships and strengthen togertherness within the socirty members. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Key Events

Meet & Greet , Dashain & Tihar , Sports Day and many more!!

When and Where?

We will keep everyone updated on the location prior to the events. 

Meet the Committee

President:  Dibya Gurung 

Communications & Vice President :  Sujaena Limbu

Treasurer:  Shweta Gurung

Health & Safety:  Ashu Pun

Equipment & Events: Jasmine Garbuja Pun