Nepalese Society

Why Join Us?

1) Host amazing events

2) Helping students integrate

3) Loads of benefits

What do we do?

Our society is cultural based for all the nepalese students currently studying at the Bournemouth University.

Our society is currently active and currently we host amazing events and activities aimed towards the nepalese people in our society and for other Nepalese societies around U.K.

We aim to possibly provide the most fun and helpful experience to our members and hope to succeed in all areas.


Key Events

Momo party (date yet to be decided (around end of october))

Asian night (end of november)

Rhimjhim night (end of march towards april)

Inter university tournaments and competitions such as (football, dance, drama and basketball end of june)

Freshers Fair (September 22nd 2018), Activities Awards (April 2nd 2019)

When and Where?

KG101 for society gatherings or practices and normal subu huts/ rooms for society meetings. Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Jason Nembang

Communications:  Asmita Chhantyal

Treasurer:  Shusma Chhantyal

Health & Safety:  Leena Gurung

Equipment & Events:  Isha Gurung