Why Join Us?

1) Friendly

2) Supportive

3) Sociable

What do we do?

BUPAS is the official society for Physician Associate students at Bournemouth University! We’ll be organising socials for you to get to know your fellow PA students, as well as other academic events and opportunities throughout the year.

Our Events

After being confined to Zoom lectures and online socials for the past year, we’ve got lots of ideas for the upcoming year. We're aiming for a social every two weeks, with something to suit every taste. Once you've signed up, please join our Facebook/Whatsapp group for details of upcoming events!

Meet the Committee

President:   Nina Rajska

Communications:   Sarah Cunningham

Treasurer:   Ellie Bradford

Health & Safety:   Jerry Torres

Equipment & Events:   Leanne Symington




  • Zip Up Hoodie£21.00
  • Hoodie£20.00
  • Sweatshirt yay£17.00
  • T-shirt yay£8.50