Psychology Society

Why Join Us?

1) Employability and careers events and networking

2) Social events

3) Academic and learning events

What do we do?

Welcome to SUBU’s Psychology Society profile page.

The Bournemouth University Psychology Society is available to Psychology and non-Psychology students alike, with only passion for the subject required for you to be able to get the full society experience. We are a student-run society with BU students in mind.

As an academic society, we aspire to provide a better understanding of the careers Psychology students can enter upon graduation and focus on the fascinating fact you might not always come across in your lectures.

Throughout the year, we will organise many social events which will not only provide a fantastic opportunity for student to network with one another, but to also share their passion for the subject. We like to think of ourselves as your support network; always here for you when you need us.

This is a new society, but with your help and our commitment we can create an environment you will never want to leave by making Psychology more enjoyable and more approachable for everyone.

There will be plenty for everyone as we are intending on organising socials varying from guest speakers, quizzes, movie nights, drink nights and an end of year meal. You will surely be able to find something for yourself to enjoy, and for students considering Psychology beyond their degree level, there will be several career events held throughout the year.


So, why not give us a go?


Meet the Committee

President:  Andre David Pacan

Communications:  Abi Yorke

Treasurer:  Jessica Manser

Health & Safety:  Gena Browning

Equipment & Events:  Mel Best