2023/24 Psychology society. 

What to expect?

Cracking Case studdies 

Serendipitous Socials 

Tantilising talks

1. Every week we will run a seminar style look into a case study and look at the psychology behind it. 

This is run our committtee, and we will start off the year by diving into criminal cases with our Forensics fridays. This is a continuation of the old forensic psychology society that we have now taken on board. However this will expand into others areas. Please let us know of any case studies you want to cover. 
On top of this over the exam period we tailor this to individual needs and often adapt the slot to a group revision session. join now and look forward to these cracking case studies.

2. We also will run a Bi-weekly Social event for you to let of some steam at. 

Last year we saw success with several socials, this included an incredible pub golf, a great kareoke night Dylans (BU's very own bar) as well classic nights out and a games nights. Join now and get ready to meet your next best friend. 

3. We'll be organising exclusive and interesting talks from experts in the field. These will be from BU alumni, staff as well as external talkers. 

This is the biggest change we're looking to make this year with our "women in psychology" talk by Dr Catherine Talbot being one our most successful events last year, guest speakers will be all the range this year join now and look forward to tantilising talks. 



We're also working on the idea or organising exclusive trips to relevent places such as sigmund freuds final home in london, the science museum, Bethlem Museum of the mind, british psychoanalyitical society. and many more.

Meet the Committee

President: Alex Caton-Bradley

Communications:  Maticia Onyuta 

Treasurer: Arlo Wilson