Why Join Us?

  • Make new friends with similar interests

  • Listen to your favorite alternative music with other members. Such as rock, metal, emo, pop punk, goth, prog rock, and more!  

  • Be a part of the support, for local alternative bands and venues. 

  • Enjoy live music, with other members (Local and across the UK)

  • At least 1 social per week, at an alternative venue. - often this will be "Soundy Thursdays" 

  • Take part in other relavent rock/alternative events.

  • Because we are "Metal AF" !!   :p


Meet the Committee

             President: Georgia Winterton                         


        Treasurer: Joesph Mackenzie-Maton                   


 Communications Secretary: Phoebe Coward 


      Health and Safety: Callum Goslan 



Key Events 23/24

  • First Ever Meet and Greet! - Wednesday 29th November 2023. 6PM -   Talbot Campus. Poole Hosue. P401. - Come along and meet existing members, along with the committee team, find out what we do and what are aims are - while listening to some alternative tunes. Non-members welcome - Check our Discord or Instagram for updates.
  • First Social as a new Society. "Soundy Thursday" Thursday 30th November 2023, Pres: Bear Cave 7pm - 9:15pm. ALT for free entry - 9:30pm - Check our Dicord or Instagram for updates.
  • Refreshers Fair - Tuesday 6th February, Talbot Campus - Come and Meet us on Floor 3 in the student centre! 
  • Monthly Rock Quiz - Last Monday of each month 7pm to 9pm - Shelly Theater, Talbot Campus - Check our Dicord or Instagram for updates.
  • Fortnightly Music Meetup - Every Other Wednesdays - Listen, Discover, and Discuss music with fellow members - Zephyr (Rams Takeovers!!)  - Check our Discord or Instagram for updates.
  • Weekly Social "Soundy Thursdays" - Night out to ALT (Sound Circus) on Thursdays, with pres either in a member/committees halls/house or local bar  - Check our Discord or Instagram for updates.


When and Where do we hang out?

Local Rock Venues... Mainly - ALT (Sound Circus) and Bear Cave on Thursday nights 

Other venues include but are not limited to: Zephyr, Electric Boulevard (Anvil), Chaplins, Smoking Aces, The Four Horseman and Buffalo. 

Local gigs often take place at Bear, Anvil, Old Firestation, 02 Boscome, Chaplins, BIC - Check out our Discord or Instagram page for updates. 


Our social media

Discord: To join our discord server please DM us a message on our instagram, once you have paid for membership. 


Sponsorships and Member Rewards

Takeover of Zeyphr every other wednesday - complete control of the music and exclusive drink deals - check out our discord and instagram for more info!!

Quiz Prize: 1st place £10 Zeyphr Gift Card, 2nd place Sweets - Last place gets to choose a theme for the "specialist Round"