Rounders Club info

Rounders is a club that is well known to be people's favourite childhood game played throughout primary and secondary school. Our President sought it was necessary to start Rounders as a club to ensure students get to relive their childhood and have some fun outside of their studies. We are hoping that we can provide the best experience for students coming together as a group where further friendships are made. We also care about what our members would like us to involve in this club such as fundraisers, activities etc., so we are open to any suggestions :)

Why join us?

1) Fun 

2) Brings people together 

3) Socially rewarding


Sessions - We will be holding one session a week on a Wednesday 13:00-14:00, to play rounders so that it is manageable for everyone to fit it into their busy Uni schedules. If we hold more than one we will of course inform. A group chat will be made for communications such as how many people will turn up on that specified day of games. The sessions will involve training, how to play properly, the rules of the games, friendly games will be played in at least every session.

Socials - We are planning to hold socials to celebrate what a fantastic club we are despite being non-competitive! Some boozy, some chill, we will let you know via our instagram page. We would like them to involve Club nights, Movie nights, quiz nights linked to sports / a variety of other topics, sit down meals and so on! Anything you guys do not feel comfortable doing will be fully respected! 

Annual Games - We are a non-competitive club however that does not stop us from competing with friendly universities! These events will be organised to be friendly, fun games with a slight competitive side! At the end of the year we will celebrate with attending the Bournemouth Summer Ball as a club and before we all go back home a dinner will be organised for the club to celebrate the end of the Uni year ready for summer.

Who, Costs, and Place

Anyone is able to join! 

* Cost will be £8 for the year 2023-24

* Will take place at Meyrick Park 

* Taster Session will commence 14th February 2024 13:00 at Meyrick Park, however you can still join as a member leading up to it


Meet the Committee

President - Paige Richardson, studying LLB (Hons) Law 

Secretary / Communications - Zoe Spurr, studying Tourism and Hospitality 

Treasurer - Amira Keith, studying Business Management