The small presence the Socialist Worker Party has in Bournemouth is working with us as students to establish a force in Bournemouth and Poole, which, with some of the lowest social mobility rates, highest STI rates and high unemployment, is governed locally by one of the richest MPs and landowners Richard Drax. His wealth derived solely from slave trading ancestors who played a leading role in the engineering of modern capitalism from human life. He refuses to hand his estate in Barbados back to the emacipated peoples and despite his wealth, uses tens of thousands of pounds of public money each year on personal expenses.

We have regular meetings (currently on zoom) to discuss such topics, both local and international, and hold demonstrations with our comrades in Bournemouth and the UK. 

We work closely with members of the Labour Party, many of whom are largely in agreement that Kier Starmer's Tory appeasing, Union Jack flying party no longer represents Labour, and we must be revolutionary to incite proper change.

As students we need to push for the right to free, good quality education should we avoid a future of fatal panedemics, widening wealth gaps and global climate change.

We need to support our lecturers who fall equally victim to our Universitties being run like businesses. Protest the publishers of Scientifc journals witholding information from the public unless they pay an extortionate fee. The human race will not prosper and defeat environmental turmoil unless governence changes alongside our technology, population and consumption habits. This will not happen under any of the identical centre parties, who are inclined not to govern our society, but to leach off it.

We regularly have exciting speakers, authors, lecturers and party member academics to lead discussions on current issues. Questions are encouraged if you are still unsure!