Surf Club

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Why Join Us?

1) Fun

2) Unique

3) Sociable

What do we do?

Why not make the most of being at university in one of the sunniest seaside places in the UK?
You can't live in Bournemouth and not at least try surfing.

Join up and enjoy sun, sea and surf! As a society, we are committed to offer everyone the best experiences possible for surfers and non-surfers alike.

We welcome and unite people of all experience levels from beginners to pro surfers, create a fun and enjoyable community with similar interests. Provide to those who possess great passion for the water or those who just want to enjoy a community of like-minded people. We offer the opportunity to partake in weekly sessions and training held by Surf Steps our training provider & sponsor, including transport to and from the beach and surf equipment.

Offer weekend trips to Cornwall/Devon/Jurassic Coast at least once a term.
Our Surf Club meet weekly (weather and surfing conditions depending).
Organise transport and liaise with surf schools to set up surf lessons for beginners, at the beginning of each semester.


Key Events

3rd June - End of year big beach blowout! 

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Mylinh Jennifer To

Communications:  Christopher Coraje

Treasurer:  Oceanne Chin

Health & Safety:  Katie Brown

Equipment & Events:  Harriet Drew




  • Pay remainder of balance (select amount in multiples of £5)£5.00