Come and celebrate Black History Month with SUBU this October!

Over the years, SUBU have put together a variety of events to inspire, support and educate during the month of October, and this year is no different. From book clubs and movies nights to panel discussions on being Black in the NHS, as a business entrepenuer and in the workplace, this month looks to educate the masses, celebrate achievements, and support Black Excellence.

Now more than ever, Black History Month is pivotal to push for equality, representation, and decolonisation. The Black Lives Matter protests were unwavering with their dedication to change and have become a vital element for a fair and equal future.

The events that we run during Black History Month exist to create safe spaces for BU's Black community, and to educate others on the inequalities that have existed through history.

This month isn't about just discussing the hardships that black people have had to face. It's about celebrating all that comes with who we have been blessed to be. Acknowledging black is beautiful and more than a struggle.

We hope you enjoy our Black History Month celebrations,

Naomie, SU President
Chiko, Vice-President Education
Toluwa, Vice-President Welfare and Communtiy
Omuwa, Vice-President Student Opportunities

Black History Month 2021

2021's Black History Month saw a number of events being run by SUBU's Black Student Campaign as well as the Full Time Officer Team including a Black-owned business market, a football match for mental health, a Black-owned business panel, and Black Girl Detox session. You can see the highlights of the month below.

Black History Month 2021: Being Black in the NHS

The Black community has been fundamental to the success of the NHS since its inception and continues to be to this day. But the experiences of Black people as both practitioners and patients are wildly different from others who are in or use the NHS. Check out our Vice President of Education, Chiko  Bwalya, talking to David Corbin, Workforce Race Equality Lead for NHS England South West, about his own personal expierences with the NHS and those of other in the Black community

Black History Month 2021: Being Black in the Workplace

It is important to spot unfair treatment and know how to voice it as a black person in a workplace. We all know there is so much power in code-switching in our everyday life, but not all can do it and remain authentic in who they are. SUBU President, Naomie Lebe, brought together Tola Oloyede (Halliburton), Lillian (Tops Day Nurseries), Kwilole (Ashfield MedComms) and Dingile Kasote (BAFTA) to discuss their expierences and what advice they would give to others.




Be An Ally

Want to be an ally to the black community and learn more about how you can support them? Head to their section on the Allyship Hub to find out what to watch, read and listen to make yourself a better ally.