Come and celebrate Black History Month with SUBU this October!  

Over the years, SUBU have put together a variety of events to inspire, support and educate during the month of October, and this year is no different. From workshops on mental health and handling finances, to the heart-breaking story of a member of the Windrush Generation, this month looks to educate the masses, celebrate achievements, and support Black Excellence.  

Now more than ever, Black History Month is pivotal to push for equality, representation, and decolonisation. The Black Lives Matter protests are unwavering with their dedication to change and have become a vital element for a fair and equal future.  

The events that we run during Black History Month exist to create safe spaces for BU’s Black community, and to educate others on the inequalities that have existed through history. 

This month isn’t about just discussing the hardships that black people have had to face. It’s about celebrating all that comes with who we have been blessed to be. Acknowledging black is beautiful and more than a struggle. 

This month is a time to take advantage on learning more on the achievements black people have accomplished throughout the years. 

Alongside all the events going on during October, we have a care package available for the first 40 attendees of Black History Month events! You’ll receive a Nativ food voucher, snacks and drinks, a handmade Kente face mask from a Black owned business, a film checklist and a list of some wonderful Black owned businesses. To receive one, all you need to do is sign up for and attend one of the events for Black History Month. You’ll need to be quick though. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!  

We hope you enjoy our Black History Month celebrations,

Naomie, SU President
Chiko, SUVP Education
Toluwa, SUVP Welfare and Diversity
Ugo, SUVP Student Opportunities


Financial Literacy in Black Communities 
Monday 5th October 5:00 – 6:30 

We’re kicking off the month with a Financial Literacy Workshop specifically for the Black community, run by Pennies to Pounds owner Kai. This will talk about how to handle your money at university, and the best ways to save and be more financially conscious. Book onto the Zoom chat here! 

Black Girl Detox 
Wednesday 7th October, 3:00 - 4:30

Tolu your Welfare & Community Vice President will be running a Black Girl Detox event, where Black womxn can discuss a variety of topics related to strength and womanhood. Book onto the Zoom chat here! 

Inspirational Stories with Barclays Eagle Labs 
Thursday 8th October 

Barclays are holding an Inspirational Stories event on, including the owners of Zeen Cuisine to talk about their journey as Black business owners. Book your tickets on Eventbrite!  

Being Black and British: A Windrush Story with Herman Williams Jr.  
Monday 12th October, 5:00 – 6:30 

On Monday 12th October Herman Williams Jr. will be telling the story of his Father, Herman Williams Snr., who was part of the Windrush Generation. He was brought to the UK to work and given citizenship, then told that they no longer had the right to be here. In 2018 he was due to be compensated but sadly, suddenly died with no explanation from the police or health services on his cause of death. Herman Williams Jr has since spent his time trying to bring justice for others that have been affected by the Windrush scandal as well as getting justice for his father’s untimely death. Book onto the Zoom chat here!  

Talks with The Mandem: Black Men & Mental Health Workshop 
Wednesday 21st October, 5:00 - 6:30

Men’s Mental Health, especially in the Black community, has been a topic of discussion for a long time. This workshop with Mental Health organisation Celutions is designed to educate Black men on ways to handle their mental health in positive and healthy ways. Book onto the Zoom chat here! 

Being Black and International 
Thursday 22nd October, 5:00 – 6:30 

Chaired by Ugo your SUVP Student Opportunities, this talk discusses the lived experiences of Black International students during their time at university. With special guest Ceewhy Ochoga, the first Black President of Salford University’s Student Union, it’s sure to be an interesting and informative talk where you will be able to share your experiences in a safe and accepting space. Book onto the Zoom chat here! 

Being Black in Business: Side Hustles 
Monday 26th October, 5:00 - 6:30

Now more than ever, having a side hustle at university is becoming a popular past time, with people utilising their skills in a variety of ways. This workshop includes voices from Black business owners and will discuss how you can turn your hobbies into side hustles during university and beyond. Book onto the Zoom chat here! 

Being Black in the NHS
Thursday 29th October, 5:00 – 6:30 

The treatment of Black people by medical professionals has been regularly scrutinised by a variety of outlets. This talk features Eugine Yafele, the CEO of Dorset Health, alongside Student nurses giving an insight into what life is like as a Black medical professional. Book onto the Zoom chat here! 

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