Do I need to do anything before coming to a debate?


You don't need to have formed opinions or debating skills to come along to a SUBU Debate, we just ask that you share our values of freely expressing opinions with tolerance and respect for one another. Just get a (free) ticket from the debate eventbrite, make sure to have your student card with you and come along. You don't even need to speak if you don't want to, observers are more than welcome.


Some of Our Most Popular Debates

All of the debate topics are carefully considred and chosen by our champions, to make sure that what's being discussed relevant to students.


Is "men are trash" a justified statement?


Are Generations Becoming More Sensitive?


Is It Too Late To Save The Planet?

As part of SUBU One World Festival 2018 - see photos here


What Counts as Consent?

As part of Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2019


Is Benefiting From White Privilege Racist?

As part of Black History Month 2017


Is Feminism Sexist?


When Is Fancy Dress Offensive?