What is SUBU's Equal Opportunities Policy?

Our Equal Opportunities Policy seeks to eradicate unfair and discriminatory practices whenever they occur in the Union and to encourage a diverse community to which all individuals may contribute as fully as possible.

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What is SUBU's Safe Space Policy?

Our Safe Space Policy seeks to ensure all SUBU activities and events are conducted in a safe and inclusive environment for all students to participate.

SUBU Safe Space Policy

1) SUBU represents ALL Bournemouth University students and endeavours to ensure their time at university is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

2) The National Union of Students (NUS) and many other SUs employ a “safe space? policy which extends to all events in their Unions (in the case of NUS, all NUS events across the country). The principle values are to ensure an accessible environment in which every student feels comfortable, safe and able to get involved in all aspects of the organisation, free from intimidation or judgement.

3) The NUS Safe Space Policy looks specifically at language and behaviour used by delegates, National Executive Committee members, staff and visitors. Breach of policy and an invasion of “safe space” is taken very seriously. In the past delegates have been removed from NUS events for intimidating others through use of derogatory language and behaviour that was considered to be aggressive.

4) SUBU recognises discrimination can occur wherever it is not consciously challenged and the aim of this policy is to address this.

5) The SUBU Safe Space Policy has been created in line with BU’s Dignity, Diversity & Equality Policy and BU Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech.

SUBU Believes

1) All students and SUBU members are free to self-identify as they choose.

2) We have a responsibility to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment in our Union for all students, where students feel empowered and able to realise their potential. This is core to the SUBU values and the SUBU vision.

3) Although SUBU already has an Equal Opportunities Policy, minority groups can still feel unwelcome or excluded from our events and activities without going as far as a full breach of said policy.

3) No student should feel isolated and unable to attend any event that is being held within their Union for fear of intimidation or aggression.

4) To make the existing policy of Equal Opportunities more explicit in relation to an individual’s environment, it would be helpful to specify a safe space policy and having this will provide grounds and guidance for SUBU to act if unacceptable behaviour occurs.

SUBU Resolves

1) To adopt the Safe Space Policy below and take steps to ensure our Union and University is a safe environment for all our students.

2) The Safe Space policy, or at least the fact that we have one, will be displayed in SUBU reception areas, bars and any other SUBU and University spaces deemed appropriate.

3) To note the guidelines in the appendix which aid interpretation of the policy.

SUBU’s Safe Space Policy  

SUBU has equality, diversity and fairness at its heart. By enabling all of our members to participate in everything we do, we are helping to progress towards a fairer and more equal society. SUBU is committed to providing an open-minded and safe environment, in which members can study, live and work in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.

SUBU therefore has a ‘Safe Space Policy’ with regards to physical spaces managed by SUBU, either permanently or temporarily during SUBU events, and the way that our members, staff and visitors behave whilst involved in our work or social activities.

Having a “Safe Space” means that each and every member, visitor and staff member should feel welcome to participate in empowering, non-judgemental and non-threatening discussions, activities, services or events, free from threats, intimidation, harassment – and free from fear of these – and the deliberate or negligent creation of unsafe or unwelcoming conditions. 

SUBU welcomes debate which may result in difference of opinion. Whilst respecting every person’s Human Right to express themselves, SUBU also expects those who express views in spaces managed by SUBU, either permanently or temporarily during SUBU events, to do so in a non-threatening and respectful way.

SUBU has no tolerance for racist, fascist, xenophobic, sexist, able-ist, LGBTphobic or ageist views expressed within its physical spaces. SUBU considers these views, by their very nature, threatening and intimidating to our members and values.

SUBU reserves the right to refuse any individual or organisation the ability to share their views in our spaces if they are considered to be threatening or intimidating to other members. Members who refuse to abide by these requirements may be subject to the Union Disciplinary process.

SUBU will provide a safe and comfortable environment for its members and will take reasonable measures to ensure this policy is enforced.

Anyone in the Union, including but not limited to Union events and meetings, or representing the Union through activities is subject to this policy.

Who is responsible for upholding SUBU’s Safe Space Policy?  

The adherence of a Union event to these guidelines is the responsibility of all and should not be in the hands of any one individual. We ask that everyone pay attention to their conduct and behaviour and show respect to others when engaging in any activities hosted or supported by the SUBU. This includes listening to another’s point of view, using appropriate and respectful language at all times, and refraining from behaviour which can be perceived to be aggressive, intimidating, offensive or discriminatory.

Each person is accountable for their own language and behaviour. If behaviour is observed that is not in accordance with these guidelines, members may be asked to leave by a SUBU representative, including Club & Society Committee Members. We ask that all members take challenges to their behaviour seriously. If you feel these guidelines, the Students’ Union’s values or equal opportunities policy are being violated at any point please raise it with an event organiser or a Union Officer.

If any behaviour or discussion takes place that breaches these guidelines, the priority must be to shut it down to protect those who are most vulnerable. To ensure the widest influence of these guidelines a copy should be sent to each club, society, network and other student groups within SUBU Activities, who should be encouraged to share it with their members.

Feeling Uncomfortable?

We take all complaints seriously. If you feel you have been intimidated, harassed, or made to feel uncomfortable, we encourage you to let us know. You can speak to any SUBU Student Officer or a member of SUBU staff who can help direct you to SUBU Advice and ensure that you are listened to and that the aims and spirit of this policy are upheld. Any issues or concerns raised will be handled by SUBU confidentially and with discretion. Breaches of this policy will be investigated and may result in the Union’s Disciplinary Procedures being invoked.