Women's History Month

What is Women's History Month?

Women's History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. It is celebrated during March through a number of events and awareness campaigns held throughout the month that pay tribute to women in history and in contemporary society.

Women's History Month at SUBU

At SUBU we work closely with your Women's Officer to bring a fun filled month of events to all BU students to celebrate women past, oresent and future. In previous years our events have included a session on making your own period pads, a pub quiz all around women's history and a Black Grl Detox session from former SU VP Welfare & Community, Tolu. This year we have some more great events of which you can find out how to get involved below!

How do I get involved with SUBU's Women's History Month events?

This year our events are open to all students and we encourage you to get involved whether you are a woman or an ally to them. Most events are free but make sure to register for a ticket so we know how many people to expect at our event. You can find more details below!

How can I support women during the month and beyond?

Thank you for asking! There are a number of ways to be an ally to the women in your life whether that is coming along to the events we are hosting throughout the month, voluteering your time with charities that support women or educating yourself on women's issues via the resources on our Allyship Hub below!

How can I find out what the Women's Campaign are up to the rest of the year?

There are two super easy ways to hear about the projects that these campaigns are working on in the future. The first is to self-define with us, via the button below, which as well as hearing from the campaigns you self-define with means that you will be able to stand for election as a Liberation Officer and vote for candidates to represent you as your Liberation Officer. As well as this you can follow the campaigns on their joint Instagram account @buwomancampaign!