Welcome to the Mental Health Zone! What is it that we do?

The SUBU Mental Health Zone is a student-led initiative which aims to raise awareness of, and reduce the stigma around mental health. Throughout the year, we will be running campaigns across both campuses which everyone can get involved in.

Why was it created?

After a year of individuals meeting with Charlie Souter-Phillips (our previous VP Welfare) asking for more awareness and support around mental health, she decided to create the Mental Health Zone.

"After lots of consultation and planning, we created the Mental Health Zone, a student led initiative that creates a space where they are empowered to tackle the growing issue of poor mental wellbeing for other students at university." - Charlie Souter-Phillips

If you would like to find out more info about the Mental Health Zone contact the team on:

Website www.subu.org.uk/mentalhealthzone

Facebook /SUBUMentalHealthZone

Email mentalhealthzone@bournemouth.ac.uk