SUBU's Gender Expression Fund has been set up by your Trans, Non-Binary, Intersex and Gender Identity + Officer, Leon Cambray, to support students from their community with the additional expenses that come with transitioning or not conforming to the traditional gender binary. Find out more about the fund through the Q&A below...

What does the fund cover?

The fund can be used to purchase gender affirming products such as binders, packer and breast forms as well as provide financial support with travel to gender identity clinic appointments.


Depending on the cost of the items or travel you need, the fund will either cover the full cost or a percentage of total cost.

Why was the fund set up?

Access to gender affirming items and being able to easily travel to gender identity clinic appointments can help alleviate gender dysphoria for students who experience it and therefore can have a postive impact on mental health too.


Unfortunately gender affirming products such as binders and breast forms can be extremely costly, as can transposrt costs, especially for students who already face so many expenses when coming to university.


This fund is designed to help break down the barriers that trans, non-binary, intersex and other gender non-conforming students face in their daily lives and help them on the road to gender euphoria.

Who is eligible for the Gender Expression Fund?

To be eligible for aid by the gender expression fund, a student must:


  • Identify as Trans, Non-binary, Intersex or otherwise Gender Diverse
  • Have reasonable need for items or transport expenses to be covered by the fund (i.e. not already have lots of the item they are requesting unless they are needing to replace it, be travelling to a location further than necessary) - this is trust-based and self-declared by the student and not under investigation by SUBU.
  • Have not used the fund excessively before (with the option to justify if there is a reasonable explanation like extreme hardship, or change of circumstances, clothing size etc.)
  • Not be requesting items with excessive costs e.g. custom products, unless explicitly necessary for reasons of sizing or access needs to be considered
  • Agree to return products that are unsuitable and in a condition to be returned/reused to either the vendor or the SU in order to help other students.

How do I access the Gender Expression Fund?

It's pretty simple, all you need to do is fill out the Gender Expression Fund Request Form linked at the bottom of this page and our team will take it from there! You will be contacted about your application when it is approved and have discussions with the team in order for them to order the products or provide the financial support you have requested.

Who has access to the details I submit via the Request Form?

Only your Trans, Non-Binary, Intersex and Gender Identity + Officer, Leon and their SUBU staff support, SUBU's Liberation and Campaigns Co-ordinator will have access to the information you submit via the form. The only time this may differ is if the Liberation and Campaigns Co-ordinator is not available for the application review panel at which point another member of the Democracy and Campaigns team will assist. This information is kept in the strict confidence.

Once I have submitted the form, what happens next?


  1. A panel consisting of the TNBIGI+ Officer and the Liberation and Campaigns Co-ordinator (or another memmber of the Democracy & Campaigns team, if the co-ordinator is unavailable) will meet to approve suitable applications
  2. Once your application has been approved, the team will get in contact to inform you and discuss the next steps
  3. If you have applied for gender affirming products, the team will provide a list of potential brands they recommend for the item(s) and ask you to inform them of which product(s) and size(s) you'd like as well as where is best for them to be sent. If you have provided a link to products during the application process then they will just ask for size(s)
  4. If you have applied for financial support with transport expenses, the team will either ask for reciepts if you have already book transport or let you know how to do it through the fund
  5. Products or gift cards will then be ordered and either sent to you directly or left at the Student Centre for you to collect

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