SUBU Advice Updates During Covid-19 


We are going to use this space for updates on policy and contracts so if you can't get hold of us you have quick answers to reduce your worry!

There is a SUBU Wider FAQs page that answers more questions, we are focusing on updates to policy, money and housing - all information is from sources such as providers, student finance and BU policy. 



For more updates on accomodation providers - please check our central SUBU page which is updated on a by-daily basis

Unfortunately we cannot change the stance each provider has on this situation, you can simply contact them to see what they are providing. If you need specific advice regarding concern to pay your rent then please see the updated Shelter Website for more information - 

If you are not sure where you stand do email us on for more information

Exceptional Circumstances

Bournemouth University have updated their website as of 27/03/2020 with information and guidance on exceptional circumstances which can be seen bellow plus a link to the forms you can use.

Specific guidance for Exceptional Circumstances relating to COVID-19

The University is operating a 14 day self-certification period for any student whose studies have been impacted by the unique circumstances related to COVID-19.

Students who have been impacted due to COVID-19 should read the specific FAQ and submit the specific Exceptional Circumstances form below.

Completed forms should be sent to your faculty support team as follows:

If your exceptional circumstances are not related to COVID-19 please read the specific FAQ. You should use the standard extension request or board consideration request forms as normal. Please see the information below for further guidance.


Student Finance and Money

Student Finance are currently not open (telephone or social media) due to the lockdown. This is looking to change in th next week. All payment for loans will be honoured as per the original payment shedules, if you find there is an issue with your finance do email us. 


If you have a concern about money do contact us so we can give you specific advice dependent on your situation

Funding Avaliable:


Covid-19 fund via ask BU -  

There is now a new fund which is avaliable for ALL Students. This is advised as the first fund you must apply for in every circumstance as it is a potentially much quicker payment if eligable. 


Financial Support Fund - This is still running, their policy is still the same and you need to provide all evidence to show your financial responsibilities or unexpected costs. If you have found you do not have a laptop or computer to work on you can apply from this fund, however it is still conducted on a case by case basis. 


Small Emergency Grant - You can still apply for the grant for £15 asda vouchers.  However they only work in store. If you are awaiting any sort of payment and find yourself £5 or under then email us to apply - we will then email you the voucher codes to get a food shop. You can now use asda vouchers online.

Universal Credit 

Universal Credit is a monthly payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income or out of work.

You cannot usually get Universal Credit if you’re studying full-time, however here are some exceptions.

You may be able to get Universal Credit if you’re studying full-time and any of the following apply:

  • You’re aged 21 or under, in full-time non-advanced education and do not have parental support
  • you’re responsible for a child
  • you live with your partner and they’re eligible for Universal Credit
  • you’ve reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit and live with a partner who is under that age
  • you’re disabled and have limited capability for work and are getting:
    • Personal Independence Payment
    • Disability Living Allowance
    • Attendance Allowance
    • Armed Forces Independence Payment

Please see the government information on Universal Credit for more information:


Furlough Scheme

Furlough is a new term to the UK. It refers to an employee whose company has required them to take a leave of absence from their job. Because of the current situation the UK Government has recently announced plans to help those who have been affected in this way under the Job Retention Scheme and still receive wages. The Scheme announced by the Government allows some employers to place some of their employees on furlough – meaning that they will still be employed by them in spite of not working – while offering financial assistance to ensure they are being paid. The Government are covering 80% of salary costs up to £2500 per month for employers who use the scheme, and some employers will make up the remaining 20% so that furloughed workers still receive full pay. Both you and your employer must agree to put you on furlough - so speak to your employer about whether they can claim. You cannot apply for the scheme yourself. Once agreed your employer must write to you confirming you have been furloughed to be eligible to claim. Click here for more information.

You can email us if you wish to speak about your situation in more detail, but be assured you have spoken to your employer first as they will have the information needed as they need to do the application to officially furlough you from work.