Addiction and dependency is often linked to mental health issues. You may have started to use drugs or alcohol to cope with feelings or manage a difficult situation.


If you are finding that your use of alcohol is having an impact on your health and therefore your studies, come and talk to an Advice Worker and we can guide you through BU Policies, e.g. exceptional circumstances and other sources of support for you. If you are concerned by your alcohol consumption, or that of a friend or family member or want to find out more information about the calories or health impact of alcohol there are many sources of advice and support you can access. 


Specialist sources of support

The NHS website has information about how to recognise you have a problem with alcohol and also has a search mechanism for finding local service that may be able to help you. 

Change 4 Life also have a handy drinks checker that not only works out your units, but also the calories (great for all you dieters out there) and a monetary cost (great if you're trying to save money). They also have a downloadable app so you can keep a check whilst on the go. DrinkAware is an independent charity which works to reduce alcohol misuse and to help people make better choices about drinking.  Alcoholics Anonymous is for people who want to stop drinking and who need support to do so. They have a free helpline – 0800 9177 650 or you can email them at help@aamail.orgAl-anon is a support group for people who have been affected by someone else’s drinking and hold regular meetings where you can share your experiences of living with alcoholism.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol Misuse for an interesting and balanced perspective on the use of alcohol.



There may be significant consequences if you choose to enage in drug use. The impact on your health and wellbeing is not to be ignored and if you decide to take drugs you should be fully aware of the potential ramifications. Drugs use is illegal and as such any student studying or registered at the University could be subject to disciplinary measures if they are found to be guilty of misconduct. This includes the use and/or supply of drugs on university or SUBU premises or any associated third party premises (e.g university allocated accommodation). If you are in this position you can come to SUBU Advice and we will support you through the process.


Specialist sources of support

If you have been charged with a drug offence and require legal advice, Release can help. Families Anonymous provides support services for families and friends of drug users. There are 50 groups throughout the UK offering help and support to members based on the 12 step programme and also offer a phone support line. UK Narcotics Anonymous provides a helpline and regular self help meetings for addicts who have a desire to stop using and who wish to support each other in remaining drug free. The Re-Solv helpine provides information and support for people concerned about solvent or volatile substance abuse problems.


Support available at BU

SUBU Advice is here to help and can point you in the right direction for specialist advice and support. We can also advise you on relevant SUBU and BU Policies and Procedures, e.g. exceptional circumstances, formally known as mitigating circumstances. BU provides a Wellbeing service and staff in the Chaplaincy are also qualified to provide students with emotional support. You can also speak to your GP, friends, family and/or the Samaritans. Each Faculty also has a Student Support and Engagement Team who can provide you with advice and support. Contact the service/s you feel most comfortable approaching.