Specialist sources of support

If you're concerned as you believe you may have and STI, or would simply like to have a check-up, then you can access either F-risky, local GUM clinic at Bournemouth HospitalAlma Medical Centre (Winton), or your own GP. If you believe you may be pregnant we advise you see your GP to confirm the pregnancy and discuss you needs.


Support available at BU

SUBU Advice is here to help and can point you in the right direction for specialist advice and support. We can also advise you on relevant SUBU and BU Policies and Procedures, e.g. exceptional circumstances, formally known as mitigating circumstances. BU provides a Wellbeing service and staff in the Chaplaincy are also qualified to provide students with emotional support. You can also speak to your GP, friends, family and/or the Samaritans. Each Faculty also has a Student Support and Engagement Team who can provide you with advice and support. Contact the service/s you feel most comfortable approaching.