Coronavirus (COVID-19) Student Feedback

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In this time of uncertainty, we want to know what concerns our student community has.

It's very important to us to be able to understand you in this time of need, and to be able to support you throughout to ensure your voice is heard. We also need to understand the common concerns amongst students so we can work with BU to address these issues and get prompt responses to them. For this, we have two ways for you to give us feedback:


For specific, detailed feedback relating to academic issues, assessments, facilities, SUBU, etc, please use SimOn, our Simple Online feedback tool.

This tool is primarily used by reps to gather collective feedback, but at this time of need we are opening it to all students. The Student Voice & Policy Team will be going through the feedback on a daily basis and acting accordingly. There is a video on how to use SimOn on the front page of SimOn, that you can find if you click here. We want to know what is working well for you, what isn't working well for you, and if you have any suggestions for improvement. The more feedback we get, the more accurate our responses will be.


For general feedback about how you are feeling and what your concerns are, please use this survey.

This survey will help us analyse more general issues and help us create an FAQ. We will be using this in conjunction with SimOn to analyse the data as a whole so our Full Time Officers and staff can work with BU to find solutions to the issues you are raising. However, for detailed feedback please consider using SimOn instead, as this survey is intended for quick and general feedback.


Please know that we are here for you and that while we may not be on campus, we are still working hard to ensure your student experience is as good as it can be. If you need more information and advice regarding the covid-19 virus, please click here.