Full Time Officer Elections

Apply to be SUBU's next President, Vice-President Education, Vice-President Student Opportunities and Vice-President Welfare and Community and NUS Delegates!

The polls open at 10:00 on Monday 11 March 2024 (in 10 days)

SU President

The President makes strategic and executive decisions, leads the officer team and advocates on behalf of all BU students to the University, locally and nationally. They are ultimately responsible for the leadership and direction of SUBU through their role as chair of the Trustee Board.
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Vice-President Education

The VP Education represents the student body in their education needs and progression, supporting student representatives and acting for improvement in learning and teaching.
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Vice-President Student Opportunities

The VP Student Opportunities leads on the development of, and represents students in matters relating to, clubs and societies, volunteering, student development and employability.
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Vice-President Welfare & Community

The VP Welfare and Community ensures that each and every student has adequate support for any issues that they might encounter as a student at BU and proactively represent students’ rights on and off campus.
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NUS Delegate (5 places)

The NUS National Conference ensures the voices of our students are represented on a national level and allow for Delegates to shape the future of university life and Students’ Unions across the UK. The roles purpose is to ensure decisions that are made at a national level are solely voted on by the students they affect.
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