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Midwifery Society: Hysterical Bodies- lecture and drawing session.

Midwifery Society: Hysterical Bodies- lecture and drawing session.


£20.00 (General)
£15.00 (Members)

Midwifery Society: Hysterical Bodies- lecture and drawing session.

Wed 24 April 2019 11:00-15:30

Lansdowne Campus- Room TBC

Join London Drawing Group and the BU Midwifery Society for HYSTERICAL BODIES, a unique and fascinating lecture that explores the intersection between Art, Science, Anatomy, Medicine and Women.

From the incredible focus on Hilary Clinton’s cough as she was running for the US presidency, to Elizabeth 1st’s infamous speech “I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman”, the female body and its perceived ‘weakness’ has long been utilized as justification for the suppression of women. Politicized and utilized against us in order to bolster a patriarchal system; for centuries Women’s bodies have been manipulated, idealized, dissected and mutilated in the name of beauty, sexuality and medicine.

Through though this lecture we will uncover the theories of the ‘Wandering Uterus’ put forward by the Greeks, explore the anatomical representations of women over the centuries, the concept of ‘Female Hysteria’ the use of Scold’s Bridles, Female Genital Mutilation, Chinese Foot Binding, and the Beauty Myth. This class will explore a variety of different practices both medicinal and aesthetic tracing the different ways that women’s bodies and images have been manipulated and weaponized in current media trends, and throughout history in the name of medicine, beauty and patriarchy.


Lunch is not provided at this event, there will be a 1 hour lunch break with tea and coffee available. Please bring drawing pencils and paper for the afternoon session, and a reusable cup/mug for refreshments. 

Entry open to all, a reflection sheet will be provided for use in portfolios/revalidation as evidence of attendance.