Exam Support from SUBU


It's exam season

but SUBU is here to support you


Exceptional Circumstances

Don’t forget that if you are experiencing difficulties that are affecting your ability to finish your assignments or attend exams you can submit exceptional circumstances. This is now a quick online form that goes straight to your faculty. For postponements and extensions they need to be submitted before the deadline or exam time. If you need support filling it out contact SUBU advice.

Don't forget your evidence!

If your circumstance is Covid-19 related, then the requirement for you to submit evidence to support your circumstance has been waived for 2020/21.

You can self-certify for illness for up to 14 days without any evidence requirement.


Academic Offences

An academic offence may be defined as any attempt by a student, or any attempt by an individual to aid a student, to gain an unfair advantage in any assessment (including an assessment of practice or an assessment in practice) by deception or fraudulent means. In the light of now doing examinations online and potentially with housemates there is a higher risk of committing an academic offence such as plagarism or collusion.

Take a look at the BU guidance on how to avoid this. If your concerned you have committed an academic offence or you are called to attend a panel please contact SUBU Advice who can support you.


Board Consideration

Have you attended an exam or submitted work you weren’t completely happy with? Was something else going on while you were doing the work? You can apply for board consideration which goes to the examination boards and they will consider your circumstances to see if you can have another opportunity at the work uncapped or as a first sit. Your faculty will update you the deadline to submit this but if your unsure contact SUBU Advice and your faculty.

Find out more about Board Consideration here.


Protecting Student Outcomes

Bournemouth university has created an additional section to the assessment regulations this year which means ALL students at BU will have an opportunity to retake any failed assignments again uncapped.

We do recommend if you have had other factors affecting your work to submit exam board consideration, you can seek advice about this from your faculty or SUBU Advice.


Taking Care of Yourself

We know that exams are a stressful time, but it is important that you remember to take care of yourself throughout the exam period.  

  1. Set SMART Goals for your day- Set goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound 
  2. Fuel your body right- take water breaks, make sure you’re eating your fruit and veggies and get enough sleep! Every morning from 9:30-12:30 we'll be providing free hot drinks and fruit on the First Floor of the Student Centre
  3. Set a timer and take regular breaks from your computer 
  4. Have a comfortable working area- set up a clutter free work area and try to work away from where you sleep 
  5. Take a break and get involved in activities- Check out the SUBU events calendar to see what’s going on. On Tuesday the 1st of June on the Ground Floor of the Student Centre from 12:30 we’re running a calming craft zone where you can decorate your own tote bag and escape your exam stress
  6. Reach out for Support if you need it- Exams can be a challenging time, so make sure to reach out for advice and support when you need it. You can get support from BU Wellbeing and SUBU Advice.