This page contains forms that may be useful for Committee Members of Clubs & Societies to assist in the running of their Club/Society.

Just click on the form that you need, complete, print it off and bring it to the Students union, or complete, save to a file and email it to us as an attachment (

Re-registering Societies

Society/Network Re-registration 2019/20

To continue to run your club or society in 2019/20, please re-register using this form. For any returning society, this form must only be filled out following/during a formal elections procedure for new committee! 

Clubs Committee Handover Template

Ready to handover you society to new committee, download the above handover template, fill it in and pass it on to your new committee

Change of Signatory

If there is a need to change a registered signatory, this form requires the OLD and NEW signatories and must be countersigned by the Club/Society President.

Accounts and Finances

Funding Request Form 

There is currently no funding availible for the rest of the academic year 2019/20!

To apply for funding from SUBU towards your activities, please provide as much detail as possible. Requests can take up to 4 weeks to be reviewed and can not be considered after the activity has happened, so please ensure you get them to us in plenty of time.

Payment Request Form

For requesting payments to be made from your account, these need to signed by 2 Authorised Signatories and have all relevant paperwork attached BEFORE bringing into the office

Sponsorship Request Template

If you're applying for sponsorship this is a useful template and we can work together with our dedicated member of staff to achieve this for you.

Events, Reports and Agreements

Room Booking Form

All requests for space booking should be through this form, please allow 48-72 hours for processing as at minimum, must be submitted by an authorised committee member, and may need to be accompanied by a risk assesment form, accessed below.

Accident Report Form

Accidents do happen, we have to record the details to help us improve and prevent re-occourance in the future, not to blame anyone so if anything happens please fill it in and return to SUBU as soon as possible!

Equipment Inventory

Every time you get new equipment you'll need to let us know, that way we can make sure it's insured. 

Risk Assessment Form

This should be completed for all of the Activities that your Club/Society is running and sent to the SUBU Activties team ahead of the activity

Overnight Accomodation Form

If you are staying overnight, we need to know the details to ensure your safety and be able to contact you if neccessary

Coaches Agreement Form

If your club or society has a coach or instructor, they must fill out and sign the following form which outlines a contract between the club and the coach

Widening Access Policy Template

Widening Access and Participation is all about trying to change Higher Education based on equality of access and opportunity. The aim is to offer opportunities to groups who are under-represented in Higher Education (HE). This template is designed for committees of clubs and societies to play their part and to proactively think about what they can do to work with SUBU in fulfilling our Widening Participation aims.



Risk Assessment Help

This document explains about how to use the Risk Assessment template in case you need any assistance

Minibus Guidelines

Guidelines for use of the SUBU minibus. Driver is responsible for these being followed at all times and for observing all regulations and laws that apply to driving and parking.

Starting in the 2019-2020 year, if your society chooses to take a hired vehicle abroad, the society will be held accountable for a foreign supplement fee from our hire company (about £40 / day / vehicle). Please budget appropriately.”



All society/network re-registrations completed after 06/04/20 will be considered an applications to start a society for the follwing academic year 20/21. Please ensure that all potential committee members are able to fulfil their role during the academic year 2020/21.