Portuguese Society

Why join us?

  1. Do you want to learn our history?
  2. Do you want to learn or teach Portuguese?
  3. Do you want to learn how to make PASTEL DE NATA??


Who are we and what we do? 

We are a group of Portuguese students from different parts of the country, including the islands, that wish to bring to BU all the academic and cultural traditions.
Our main goal is to share what it means to be Portuguese, through the means of music, food and parties. Being Portuguese is much more than a nationality, it is a sense of belonging to a group of individuals who love football and beer and pimba! 

If you feel like you belong with us, come and share a beer! (Online)


Meet the Committee 

  • President: João Martins (Smartins)
  • Vice-President: Matilde Bento (Tilly) 
  • Treasurer: Emma Vieira 
  • Communications: Ana Rodrigues 
  • Health & Safety: Catarina Araújo (Ruivo) 
  • Equipment & Events: Beatriz Martins