Archery Society

Why Join Us?

1) A sport that doesn't involve chasing balls

2) Team and Individual

3) Inclusive and friendly

What do we do?

The Archery society exists so it can educate people, teach them archery and to help students learn to focus and concentrate on what they are doing, whilst having some fun!

Future aims include participation in competitions and to work with other Archery societies around the UK to establish ouselves as a formidable club in the archery community!



When and Where?

Every Saturday (5.30pm - 8pm) SportBU, Sports hall!

Meet the Committee

President:   Jordan Copperthwaite

Secretary/Communications:   Parham Sorooshian

Social Secretary: Hannah Halliwell

Treasurer:   Kelly Williams

Health & Safety:   Jenny Richardson-Jack

Equipment & Events:   Tim Buck