Art Society

Are you looking to develop your artistic skills? Or perhaps you just enjoy engaging with a variety of different art forms such as cinema, sculpture and painting. If so, then we are the society for you!

We offer a range of sessions for members to enjoy, and the society gives members the chance to create their own unique artistic pieces. We are a social bunch, join us down the beach for some landscape painting during the summer, or for our still life sessions using studios at Bournemouth campus.

Big fan of Bob Ross? Then get involved in our Paint with Bob sessions! A fun and relaxed way to create some great paintings whilst enjoying the inspiring wisdom of Bob and his happy little trees.

We also hope to organise semi-regular tutoring from local and regional artists, offering society members the opportunity to further develop their artistic talents, and an exposure to a range of art forms. At the end of the year, we will be putting on an exhibition for our society, where our aspiring artists can display any work they've created over the academic year. 

We look to actively engage in the artistic community, both in Bournemouth and nationally. So we regularly organise trips to attend exhibitions around the country, offering you a chance to explore a variety of artistic subjects at discounted student prices!

Looking for something more casual? We always welcome people to join us for our weekly coffee evenings, or monthly cinema trips! 

When and Where? 

We encourage you to join our facebook page, where we keep our society members informed on which studio we will be using for the different sessions, or where you can find us during the sumer - likely down the beach!

Here we also offer society members the chance to vote on the Film of the Month that we will be going to see at the cinema.

Everyone is welcome to join us for coffee on Thursday evenings at Coffee #1 on Winton highstreet. A great way to meet the group and have a look at what we offer. 

Meet the Committee

President: Cameron Robson

Communications:  Charlotte Kelly 

Treasurer:  Kez Nickless-Mooney

Health & Safety:  Joseph Stewart

Equipment & Events:  Jason Young



All membership costs are put towards artistic supplies and travel costs for artistic tuition.