Why Join Us?

1) Gain Business Knowledge

2) Expand your Network 

3) Boost your Employability


The Business society is made up of passionate and success-driven, current, business students at Bournemouth University. Our aim is to provide students with the skills to become more employable in an already highly competitive job market and build amazing social networks.

Joining the society is a great way to stand out to potential employers on your CV whilst boosting your employability. Yes, joining the Business society will look good on your cv, but we want you to go further. We plan to have specific talks by industry experts in a variety of markets. We will also listen to your interests to try and get specific speakers in industries or trends that interest you.  Furthermore, this will be a fantastic way to network with similarly minded hardworking individuals which will be extremely beneficial to yourself and career aspirations.

As well as guest speakers, we also have business-related trips planned and of course ‘socials’, pub quizzes and much more...


Who Can Join?

Anyone who is interested in business and is a student at Bournemouth University.


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Key Events

  • Lots of events are currently being planned but we are waiting to see what will go ahead with COVID-19.
  • Virtual talks
  • Quizzes
  • Trips (Thorpe Park)
  • Jim the Co-Founder of Jimmy's Iced Coffee will be giving a talk exclusively to the business society in February!
  • Much more...

When and Where?

Talbot Campus & Bournemouth Venues

Meet the Committee

President -  Monsor Ahmed

Communications Executive -  Tilley Shaw

Treasury Executive -  Zach Herbert