Clay Pigeon Shooting Society

Why Join Us?

1) New experiences

2) Perfect your aim

3) Have fun

What do we do?

The purpose of this society is to create a community between the students studying Advertising, a sense of belonging, and to make it easier for people to integrate into the uni life.  

Our society revives the spirit of Advertising students: we want to have social meetings, sessions where we decode ads and we get up to date with the newest trends in the industry, we want to invite previous members of the society as guest speakers to events that we aim to create.

We will only be shooting at dedicated ranges with supervison by professionals

Key Events

Freshers Fair (September 22nd 2018), Activities Awards (April 2nd 2019)

When and Where?

Dedicated shooting sites

Meet the Committee

President:  Oscar Clark

Communications:  Alexander Totman

Treasurer:  Jack Zijdenbos

Health & Safety:  Alex Langley

Equipment & Events:  Samuel Pusey