Forbes List Society

Why Join Us?

1) Open network to the most ambitious students BU has to offer.

2) Access to exclusive knowledge.

3) High tier guests and workshops

What do we do?

Take action on your dreams. BU Forbes List is the focal point for all aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives. Together, a lot can be accomplished but how do I get started? BU Forbes List is a club for those who understand that there is more to university than the degree. Disclaimer: Attending this club will mentally elevate you. Challenge you to step out of your custom zone. This club isn't for everyone. Forbes List...we're coming for you!

Key Events

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When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Cameron Mordi-Semple

Communications:  Chillee Noir

Treasurer:  Karis Handy

Health & Safety:  Lamar Edwards

Equipment & Events:  Alejandra Carreño Garzón