Hopeful Future Network

Why Join Us?

1) To collectively design and build a regenerative and resilient future for all mankind.

What do we do?

There is a great change on the horizon. One that will affect our generation whether we like it or not. The narrative will be re-written. Let’s make it a narrative worth living.

We are a think tank.
But we are also a do tank.
For those who seek knowledge and a sense of community over monetary wealth.
All disciplines and studies are welcome.
All beliefs, philosophies and ideologies.
Pessimists are welcome too.

Who else will keep the optimists in line? We will work through problems within society, within infrastructure and the products we use.

All using industry standard project management and continuous improvement tools. We use Solar Punk fiction to emulate the vision for the future we want. So artists we need you! Doughnut Economics is the new narrative that we are following. Any projects we take on will be heavily influenced from its visual representation.

Other Topics of interest/learning:

Circular Design
Complexity Science
Circular Economics
Regenerative farming
Defying Neoliberalism.
Closing Loops.
Et Al.

Key Events

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When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

Co-Founder:   Chris Wilmoth

Co-Founder:    Lucinda Winkworth-Phalp