Hospitality & Tourism Society

Why Join Us?

1) Social experiences for people with a shared interest in Hospitality and Tourism

2) Support for all students with both academic and personal queries about uni life

3) Fulfilling experiences working alongside charities and local businesses

What do we do?

Welcome to the Society of Hospitality and Tourism!

The core purpose of our society is to provide social and engaging experiences for anyone interested in hospitality and tourism. This will range from monthly socials to outings across the academic year- including parties, quiz nights, society meals and visits to local tourist attractions, as well as some great volunteering opportunities! 

Joining the Hospitality and Tourism Society is a great way to meet new people, socialise and have a laugh. We hope to see you at our next event! (Details on our Facebook page: 'The Society of Hospitality and Tourism')

Key Events

Dylan's Charity Quiz Night (06/03/2020)

Champagne Tasting (01/05/2020)

Activities Awards (date TBC)

End of year meal (date TBC)

When and Where?

See Facebook Group and Instagram page for further details on upcoming socials and events

Meet the Committee

President: James Burgess

Communications: Chloe Boniface, Yi Wei

Treasurers: Charlie Tillyer-Driscoll, Brandon Wheatley 

Health & Safety:  Lucy MacLachlan

Equipment & Events:  Glyn Jenkins, Laura Dawe 

Public relations: Ed Simms

Charity/fundraising officers: Pam du Plessis