Why Join Us?

1) Social experiences for people with a shared interest in Hospitality and Tourism

2) Support for all students with both academic and personal queries about uni life

3) Fulfilling experiences working alongside charities and local businesses

What do we do?

Welcome to the Society of Hospitality and Tourism!

The core purpose of our society is to provide social and engaging experiences for anyone interested in hospitality and tourism. This ranges from regular socials to outings across the academic year- including parties, quiz nights, society meals and visits to local tourist attractions, as well as some great volunteering opportunities and wellbeing retreats to take breaks from university work!

Joining the Hospitality and Tourism Society is a great way to meet new people, socialise and have a laugh. We hope to see you at our next event! 

Key Events

  • End of year meal
  • Cocktail making
  • Group trips (Theme parks, zoos and more!)

When and Where?

Check out our instagram page @buhospitality_tourism and join our discord to stay updated about all our events! https://discord.gg/2UEekZbxbV 

Meet the Committee

President: Kaitlin Jupp

Communications: Simon Trimnell

Treasurer: Aranka Spanyik


Contact us via our instagram page @buhospitality_tourism or email us at subuhandtsoc@bournemouth.ac.uk