Reducetarian Society

Why Join Us?

1) We are a passionate, friendly group of people

2) We are all about creating positive change in the world

3) We host fun & unique events!


What do we do?

We are a group of people passionate about changing the world!

One of our main focuses is to encourage people to reduce the amount of animal products in their lifestyle with the intention of helping our planet, the animals, and our own health. We welcome everybody, regardless of where you are on your journey.

Small changes in you for big changes out there! :)


Key Events

Film Screenings, Hummus Nights, Vegan Fairs, Guest Speakers, Workshops, Freshers Fair, among others 

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Tanya Bellows

Communications:  Eva Annie Rowe

Treasurer: Chilali Gizzy-Neither

Health & Safety:  Juan Ramirez

Events & Equipment:  Zuki Yasmin