Why Join Us?

1) Events ranging from True Crime Documentary Nights to Nights Out

2) A great way to meet and socialise with people 

3) A place of safety for all students 


What Do We Do?

The Social Science Society is finally back up on its feet after not running due to Covid-19, we plan to make the most of our time at University after missing out on a whole year by planning a whole range of events with something suitable for everyone such as; true crime documentary nights, themed nights out, quiz nights, beach BBQ's, the chance to get involved in charity events and many more!

After such a hard year it's important to us to bring everyone together to finally get the chance to meet and create cross-year relations across the Social Science courses. Whilst our society has been set up by students of Social Science subjects, it isn't exclusive to just students of Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology, all students at BU are encouraged to join! 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Society and we're so excited to share all the events we've got planned with you and create new friendships!

Remember to follow our instagram for regular updates! - social.science.bu 

Previous Events 

Wednesdays at Cameo 

True Crime Night 

Mr Mulligans 

International Women's Day celebrations


Cameo this Wednesday!

Details on our Instagram!

Meet the Committee

President:  Ashleigh Stevens

Vice President: Jenna Jennings

Communications:   Keneisha Pointer

Social Media: Alice Nixon

Treasurer:  Carys Cotton

Health & Safety: Alice Coomber

Equipment & Events: Charlotte Clarke