Spanish Society

Why Join Us?

1) You miss Spanish food

2) You miss Spanish people

3) You miss Spanish culture


What do we do?


Welcome to the Spanish Society! An assemblage of Spanish speaking individuals with the desire to incorporate a taste of Spanish culture into Bournemouth!


Do you miss Spanish culture, anything from the language to the food? Do you have you the basics linguistic skills to maintain a conversation in Spanish? Do you know all of the words to Despacito? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

Come and partake in any of our events and get a taste and feel Spain. Anyone and everyone from any culture with different Spanish backgrounds are very welcome to join us!


Key Events

Please visit our Facebook/Instagram for further details.

When and Where?

Please visit our Facebook/Instagram for further details.

Meet the Committee

President:   Arve Lee Willingham 

Vice President/Communications:  Celia Ruiz Noval 

Treasurer:   Lucia Cerezo Melgarejo

Health & Safety:   Candela Saenz Arana

Equipment & Events:   Lucia Mancheño Diaz