Welsh Society

Why Join Us?

1) Meet and socialise with other Welsh people.

2) Experience and celebrate Welsh culture.

3) To have fun !!

What We Do? 

Welcome to Bournemouth Welsh Society,  whether you're Welsh, part Welsh or just enjoy Welsh Culture, we are very inclusive you just need to be interested and have a good attitude. A Society you can join to meet and socialise with other Welsh people and to just have a laugh really. You don't need to speak Welsh but if you do theres a few of us who do !! If other English universities can have a successful Welsh Society so can we !! The society is open to BU and AUB students. 


Key Events

See Facebook page for details

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:   Loren Morrish

Communications/Secretary:   Bronwen Peacock

Treasurer:   Carys Oliver 

Heath & Safety:   Sally Evans

Equipment/Events:  Ffion Denman