The next Big Student Meeting will be taking place at 6pm on the 24th of March.

The Big Student Meeting is a forum for students to discuss and debate proposals, and vote on whether SUBU should support these proposals.


It is a safe space for students to have healthy debates. It’s incredibly important for students to be focused on debating the ideas, and not criticizing or personally attacking individuals.


We ensure students are able to participate in and make all key decisions for the SU and that we do our utmost to carry out the wishes of our student body.


Everyone has an equal view point and is entitled to their opinion.



Motions Passed - BSM November 2019


  • SUBU should lobby BU to ensure that it becomes compulsory for academic staff to provide learning materials in at least 48 hours advance of teaching sessions.


  • SUBU should lobby BU to ensure that teaching sessions are time appropriate, with consultation from students.


  • SUBU should consult students when arranging its’ new funding structure.


  • SUBU should lobby the university to ban smoking and vaping on campus other than in designated sheltered smoking areas.


What is a Motion?

A motion is a statement made by an individual or group that calls for a change to be made by the Students Union, University or even the wider community.

These ‘changes’ can involve several different avenues. For example, some motions put forward can be more action based and require SUBU to simply put those actions in place once the motion has been passed in The Big Student Meeting and become policy. Whereas some motions once passed may turn into a campaign run by SUBU based on the actions that need to be taken in order to successfully fulfil the policy.

Once motions have passed and become SUBU policy, they have a two year window to be completed. However, some policies may be on going depending on the actions involved and therefore can continue to be worked on after the two year mark.

How do I submit a motion?

It’s simple; firstly follow the link on our website which will take you to a motion submission form. There you will find a template that will guide you every step of the way and help you format your motion appropriately. Once submitted you will be offered to have a sit down meeting with one of our helpful team at SUBU who will have a short discussion with you about your motion and what, if any, adjustments need to be made to the motion.

Once completed, your motion will then be submitted to The Big Student Meeting, where students can then vote for or against the motion. You will be asked to present this motion to your peers at The Big Student Meeting before it is taken to a vote, but not to worry, our team at SUBU will make sure you have plenty of support throughout and several opportunities to run through your motion and even practice presenting beforehand.

What is Policy?

Policy at SUBU is pretty simple; we are mandated to carry out and successfully enforce all motions that are passed at The Big Student Meeting by our students at Bournemouth University. These passed motions then in turn become SUBU policy.

Once the motion has passed and become policy, SUBU have a two year window to successfully implement this policy. However, these circumstances can differ based on the actions within the policy e.g. some policies may need to be updated and evaluated yearly if that was one of the requirements agreed and voted in favour of by the students.


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